History, calling, ministry and life of Prophet John Haggai

John Haggai is a young vibrant Prophet called by God at a tender age of 16 to the service of God.
While it did not appear then what he would be, Haggai grew up in a Worded house of a preacher, that eventually brought to the fore the calling of God in his own life, when a life changing prophecy came through his mouth after a season of Prayer and Fasting with nothing to break the fast.

Him, his father and his brother, under a mango tree in a Western town of Busia, he spoke under unction of the Holy Spirit regarding a man he saw coming with a shopping bag full of necessities by that evening.

It all came to pass under four (4) hours.

It is that event etched in his spirit to this day that traces the amazing Prophetic Grace Prophet John Haggai carries to this day together with many Prophetic Dreams, a gift imparted from his mother who continues to impart the Prophetic to this day.

John loves people, and his affection is set on seeing lives transformed by the Power of the Supernatural God. To this end, John has travelled through Africa to release what he calls the Super on the Natural, when heaven tampered with the destinies of humanity with a touch of the supernatural power of Christ.

He is a graduate of theology and music, and loves his family: First Lady Judith and his son John Haggai Jr. residing in Nairobi Kenya.


To influence culture with Kingdom Culture and to make known the Supernatural to the natural.



We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, born of a woman, died and resurrected on the Third day and that He will come back again for the Church and to Judge according to scriptures.

The Holy Spirit:
We believe in the Infilling of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of glossalelia.

We believe in the Ministry of the Holy Spirit fully functioning in the Body of Christ these last days, with order of Apostles and Prophets in that order.

We believe in the resurrection as proclaimed by the Bible, and that we shall all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and answer for our lives on earth.

We believe in the Supreme Sacrifice of the Blood of Jesus as the Propitiation of all sin of mankind.

The Bible:
We believe in the supremacy of the Bible as the only Authority over everything as touching the Heavens, the Earth, the Present world and in the world to come.



  • Godly character as a lifestyle and choice
  • Love for humanity
  • Excellence and Integrity
  • Giving Back and Honor